The One Drop Only® PHARMACIA Denture Brush cleans dentures thoroughly.

  • denture brush for a thorough and safe cleaning of dentures
  • the non-slip soft handle assures a safe usage
  • 2 bristle areas for a thorough cleaning:
    • The flat bristle side with different long and hard filaments provides an optimal cleaning of the outer denture surface.
    • The slanted shape of the small bristle side reaches the interspaces and inner surfaces of the dentures easily.

Clean the dentures at least once daily with the denture brush. Let water run in the sink and clean the dentures from all sides with the One Drop Only® PHARMACIA denture brush by using the different bristle areas.
Make sure that food residues in the interdental spaces and the space for the jaw ridge have been removed. Rinse with clear water after usage.

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