The antibacterial One Drop Only® Mouthwash EFFECTIV Classic offers a well-balanced protection throughout the oral cavity.

  • ready-to-use mouthwash for daily use
  • antibacterial formula – reduces more than 99% of the caries germs
  • free of alcohol, also suitable for sensitive gums
  • Xylitol and fluoride support the caries prophylaxis
  • CPC helps to prevent tooth decay
  • helps to prevent problems in the gums
  • combats bacteria and bad breath
  • free of animal derived ingredients and gluten
  • no discoloration of teeth and tongue
  • vitalising mouth freshness
  • fresh taste of mint
  • clinically tested

Use twice daily after brushing your teeth with approx. 20 ml per application (see marking in the screw top) undiluted. Rinse around your mouth for 30 seconds. Suitable for children 6 years or older if they have learned how to use mouthwash. Up to twice daily with 10 ml per application.

Product overview