With its special gum care formula, the One Drop Only® Mouthwash EFFEKTIV Gingival contributes to firm and healthy gums.

  • ready-to-use antibacterial mouthwash without alcohol for daily use
  • special formula with a combination of active ingredients which fight bacteria and protect the gums
  • protects and soothes sensitive inflamed gums
  • helps preserve firm healthy gums
  • helps prevent inflamed and bleeding gums
  • with fluoride to prevent tooth decay
  • combats bacteria and bad breath
  • also protects places in the mouth region which are hard to access
  • for fresh breath – pleasant minty taste

For daily use, 2 x daily after brushing your teeth with approx. 20 ml per application (see marking in the screw top), rinse around the mouth undiluted for 30 seconds.

Product overview