The One Drop Only® NATURALS Mouthwash with essences of mint and aloe vera from controlles organic cultivation protects against caries, prevents plaque formation and cares for the gums. It provides a long lasting clean and a fresh mouthfeel.

  • special recipe for natural oral hygiene
  • all-round care with 3-way effect for teeth and gums
  • with essences of mint and aloe vera from controlled organic cultivation
  • 99% of all the ingredients are of natural origin
  • 12% of all the ingredients stem from controlled organic cultivation
  • natural and organic cosmetic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Ecocert standard.
    Standard detailed at
  • vegan: certified by the European Vegetarian Union
  • contains fluoride (226 ppm) to combat tooth decay
  • for a clean fresh feeling in your mouth and protects against caries and plaque
  • transparent communication: explanation of ingredients on the product’s outer packaging

Application: For daily use.


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