The One Drop Only® PHARMACIA ONDROHEXIDIN Mouthwash for mild cleansing and care of the mouth and throat helps to maintain teeth and gums healthy. Chlorhexidindigluconat and CPC have a long-lasting antibacterial effect and prevent plaque formation effectively.

  • ready to use, antibacterial mouthwash
  • highly effective ingredients: 0,06 % Chlorhexidinedigluconate, 0,05% Cetylpyridiniumchloride, Xylitol and Fluoride (245 ppm)
  • mild cleaning and care for mouth and throat especially suitable with irritated and sensitive gums
  • suitable with limited oral hygiene ability and in the maintenance phase after periodontal treatments
  • with anise-mint flavor
  • free of alcohol and dyes
  • Supports protection of:
    • plaque formation
    • bad breath (halitosis)
    • caries formation
    • gum irritation

Use twice daily, preferably in the mornings and evenings after cleaning your teeth, rinse your mouth with 10 – 15 ml (measuring cap) Ondrohexidin undiluted for at least 30 seconds. Do not swallow, do not rinse with water afterwards.

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