The One Drop Only® Tongue-Cleaner professional deluxe is a combination of tongue brush and tongue scraper for soft but thorough cleaning of the sensitive back of the tongue. Coatings on the tongue are loosened with the brush side before being removed from the back of the tongue using the scraper side.

  • helps to fight bad breath by removing bacterial coatings on the tongue
  • combination of twin bristle rows and scraper
  • reduces plaque (by up to 30%)
  • improves your sense of taste

Brush your outstretched tongue several times with the brush side from the back to the front of your tongue. Turn the tongue-cleaner over and repeat the same movements with the scraper side. Use 1 to 2 x daily. Clean the tongue-cleaner after use under running water like a toothbrush. Renew after 4 to 6 weeks.

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