The One Drop Only® children’s toothpaste for strong and healthy baby teeth combines both: the best dental care for children’s teeth and delicious raspberry flavour – making brushing teeth fun even for the youngest!


Product advantages:toothpaste kids onedroponly

  • Special formula for a gentle cleaning that is suitable for children
  • Provides all-round protection from the first tooth
  • Fruity raspberry flavour
  • Protects against milk tooth decay
  • Free from sodium laurylsulfate
  • Menthol-free
  • Made in Germany
  • Child-friendly fluoride proportion (1000 ppm) ensures better mineralisation of the teeth from the very beginning and thus higher acid resistance and protection against tooth decay
  • Homeopathy-compatible
  • Contains stevia and mild coconut surfactant for a natural cleaning experience
  • Fruity taste motivates children to brush their teeth
  • Eye-catching and playful design for an age-appropriate address
  • Extra small tube opening for exact dosage
  • 50 ml contents


  • Use a rice-grain sized amount of toothpaste twice a day as soon as the first tooth erupts until the 2nd birthday
  • From the 2nd  birthday to the 6th birthday, use a  pea-sized amount of toothpaste twice a day
  • This practice is recommended by the German Society of Pediatric Dentistry


Contains sodium fluoride (1000 ppm). Children up to 6 years: Only use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Tooth brushing must be supervised to prevent excessive ingestion. Do not give children additional fluoride wihout seeking medical advice.

Product overview