Our One Drop Only® Interdental Brushes assure a thoroughly cleaning of the interdental spaces, that a normal toothbrush cannot reach.

  • simple to use, highly stable construction
  • cleans the interdental areas thoroughly, even in the places which a normal toothbrush does not reach
  • removes plaque between the teeth
  • also ideal for cleaning below bridges, around implants and orthodontic appliances
  • regular use helps to prevent tooth decay and inflammation of the gums
  • available in four sizes: XS (diameter 0.4), S (diameter 0.5), M (diameter 0,6) an L (diamater 0,7)
  • with protective cover – ideal for travelling


Bend the brush into the most easily usable shape if necessary, put it into the interdental area and move backwards and forwards several times. Do not try to use force, but rather use a smaller size. For daily use. Renew the brush at least once a week.

Product overview